Cheap and Easy Ways to Decorate Your Boring Bathroom

Simple bathroom decorating ideas

So you’re planning on updating your boring bathroom. And most of the time, you’ll be worrying about over-spending. Well, in reality a bathroom refresh needn't break the bank.

Of course, if you plan on ripping out your old fixtures and fittings then it may be costly to replace them. However, if you’re looking for something on a slightly smaller scale then look no further as here are some cheap and easy ways to decorate your boring bathroom.


Although traditionally not used within a bathroom space, wallpaper is becoming more and more sought after in the restroom. Papering one feature wall can bring depth and drama to a room and the sheer number of stylish designs will ensure that your bathroom will be bang on trend. One designer look for 2014 was that of the vintage explorer bathroom, where patterned map wallpaper was juxtaposed with walnut or ebony furniture to create a well-travelled look.

In shabby chic or romantic bathrooms kitsch wallpaper would work brilliantly so look for patterns such as spotty, woodland owls or duck egg floral motifs. In modern, glam bathrooms simple wallpapers with hints of silvers, greys and whites would work perfectly well.


Bathroom Beadboard
Beadboard walling courtesy of Nantucket Beadboard.

Inexpensive and highly durable, beadboard panelling is typically seen in traditional or rustic bathrooms. It is, however, being seen more and more in New York City style bathrooms, subtly ornamental when combined with the subway tile and contemporary sinks with exposed plumbing. Due to its durability beadboard can also be painted and so it will provide a timeless quality, regardless of mood.

For country and rustic bathrooms, adding either a half-way tongue and groove accent or floor to ceiling panelled walls will create that vintage effect, ideal for hardworking bathrooms. In modern bathrooms, adding it as an accent will invariably accentuate the fixtures and fittings. If you’re a seasoned DIY-er you can install it yourself to limit any extra costs in installation.

Recycled Metal

What could be cheaper than recycling? Well look no further. Make a rustic and rustproof surround for your bath or shower out of corrugated steel. Although it may sound like it’s a recipe for disaster, corrugated metal is corrosion resistant and long-lasting. Most corrugated metal is treated with coatings designed to resist any rust formation.

Corrugated steel around the bath
Corrugated steel courtesy of Generation Cedar.

Alternatively, fashion a bathtub surround from stainless steel. The finished product is modern, simple and has a touch of industrial chic but it’s a great DIY project and really cost-effective. The interior design world is awash with news on the up and coming trends of 2015 and it seems that metal is set to be a key look for the coming year, appearing in a range of rooms throughout the home.

Install Shutters

Bathroom Shutters
Bathroom Shutters courtesy of USPC Interior.

For an extra injection of luxury without the hefty price tag, consider some plantation style shutters. Shutters have been used for hundreds of years and are versatile in their uses from keeping rooms cool to controlling light and adding subtle illumination. Perfect for enhancing the look of your bathroom whether it’s a coastal retreat or an exotic escape, shutters are a fantastic cost-effective option. Although reasonably simple to install, schedule it as a weekend DIY job just in case.


One of the latest trends to come out of our efforts in going green, upcycling is definitely a buzzword that has its advantages. It essentially means taking something old and used and creating a better use for it. Got an old CD storage case you’re about to throw away? No problem! Turn it sideways, work your creative magic on it and attach to your bathroom wall to create some really cool, unique storage. How about that old chest of drawers you've got hidden in the corner? Great! It can be used as a one-of-a-kind vanity. The world really is your oyster – from ladders to baskets – it can all look great in your bathroom and it means you’re doing your bit in helping our planet.

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