How To Create A Romantic Bathroom Setting

There are so many romantic bathroom ideas. This means, you have no reason to have an unadorned or plain bathroom. In the past, many people overlooked their bathrooms in their decorating plans. Today, no matter how large or small your bathroom is or the size of your budget, you can have an inviting, romantic bathroom.

Colours, Patterns and Textures

Select an appropriate colour palette for your romantic bathroom decor. One of the best romantic colours is pink. Any shade of pink can make a suitable pick. If you do not like pink, choose pastel colours such as green or blue. You can also use white as the main colour with pink accents. If you want to create a warmer look, choose rich colours such as burgundy and plum. For a more dramatic look, choose neutral colours and add splashes of red.

Incorporate patterns and textures to your bathroom design using pink rosebud wallpapers and floral shower curtains. If floral patterns are not you style, go for shower curtains with fabrics made of swags and tiebacks. This will create a feeling of luxury. Add lace curtains for windows or shower, plush rugs and toilet seat covers to create a feeling of luxury.

Fixtures and Furnishings

Choose fixtures and furnishings with old world feel like French provincial style. Enhance the romantic feel using old world style brass plumbing fixtures. For a vintage romantic feel, install old-fashioned style claw foot tub. Spa tubs create a modern romantic feel and can make your bathroom feel like a private resort. If you have room in your bathroom, add furnishings like vanity tables and decorative shelves. Polished brass would also make a nice addition.


An effective way of making your bathroom feel Italian is to add tile or marble to it. One option is to lay terracotta or travertine-look tiles on the floors. If this is costly or time consuming, consider installing vinyl flooring because it provides the same look in press-together tiles. However, this may require you to redo the floor. If this is not an option, add mosaic style tiles on different areas of the bathroom such as around the mirror or behind the toilet. In addition, consider installing ceramic or stone tiling for the ultimate Italian bathroom.

Modern Bathroom Designs


Modern bathrooms have minimalist designs. Modern bathroom designs have spacious but simple looks. This design has few soft and soothing colours. The most common modern bathroom colours are black and white to enhance a neutral tone. It has simple lines with smooth surfaces. Modern bathroom designs have a "no fuss" look. No clutter, knickknacks or intricate designs.


Modern bathrooms emphasize straight lines through the items in the bathroom. The bathrooms have smooth, geometrically designed faucets. Sinks and vanities are wall mounted. Popular sink choices include glass, steel and ceramic. It has one-piece and streamlined toilets. Modern bathroom designs have solid cabinet doors to avoid the look of clutter. It has minimal hardware and some cabinets have touch latches to bring out the sleek look.


Consider installing heated tile floors for comfort. If this is not an option, install large tiles for a spacious look. Persian style rugs can add nice features to modern bathrooms. Create a softening effect using "can" lighting with dimmers. Add natural light using skylights. Windows can let in light that is more natural. Lighting is an important factor in modern bathroom designs.


Today's bathroom provides a retreat from the stresses of everyday life. Some of the most common items in modern bathrooms include soap dispensers, freestanding baths, a TV stand and towel warmers. Modern bathrooms emphasise straight lines mirrors, space, chrome and neutral tones among other factors. The modern bathroom offers ultimate serenity.