Top Tips for Decorating a Shared Bedroom for Kids

decorating kids bedroom

Children’s bedrooms can be fun to decorate, but if you have two siblings sharing a room, it can get a bit difficult! This can get even trickier if you have a boy and a girl sharing the room, as you might have very different colour schemes and themes in mind.

Here are some handy tips for creating a lovely shared space that provides them both with a unique space, while still maintaining a coherent look overall.

Divide the Space

First, it is important that the room provides a unique space for each child. Of course, if you just have two children sharing the room it is often relatively easy to divide the space with a piece of furniture. For instance, you could get a lovely bookshelf from furniture stores like IKEA and use it to divide the room in two separate sections.

If more than two kids are sharing the space, you can provide a bit of privacy for each with the help of fabrics. A quirky idea is to add a curtain rail into the ceiling and use a ‘curtain wall’ for dividing the room. This way, you can keep the curtains back when you want to use the room as one big playroom, but each child also has the chance to ‘create their own room’.

Colour Code Items

You can also prevent fights over storage space and things like chairs by colour coding items in the room. Let each child pick their favourite colour and try to find the colours in shades that match beautifully together.

If you have a wardrobe in the room, you can paint one door with one child’s chosen colour and the other door with the other colour. In addition, you could just use colourful storage boxes on the shelves or inside a wardrobe to ensure each child has enough space and prevent any competition over which box belongs to who. You can find useful painting tips at, for example.

Keep Main Colour Scheme Neutral

You want to keep the main colour scheme in the room relatively neutral and plain. This allows you to add more splashes of colour with the décor. As you’ve picked the colours for colour coding items, you naturally want to use these throughout the room in the bedding fabrics, for instance.

Colours like yellow, green and different shades of white and grey are great basic colours for children’s bedrooms. These are very gender-neutral as well, so if you have a boy and a girl sharing the room, you don’t need to worry too much about the colours being ill fitting.

If you feel like the walls are too plain, you can utilise kids wall stickers in the walls. These are also great for personalising the room and each child could pick something specific to put above their bed.

Save Space with Clever Solutions

Of course, when you are trying to fit more than one child into a bedroom, you often have to consider the space. You don’t want your room to look too crammed up and you definitely need to be clever when adding more furniture.

One great solution is to opt for bunk beds, which frees a lot of space in your room. If you want to have a standalone bed for each kid, you should definitely think about getting under bed storage.

Rolling bins, stackable boxes and chairs, and sliding doors for wardrobes are also perfect ways to save space in a small room. Just make sure you consider the available space before you purchase any new furniture.

With the above tips, you can create a colourful and unique, yet unified look for a shared bedroom for kids. If the children are old enough, you can discuss the colour schemes with them, otherwise just use something neutral as the basic colour and opt for two different accent colours to separate the room in a beautiful way.