How To Turn An Old Window Into A Picture Frame

picture frame window

Do-it-yourself decorations are becoming more popular every season, and this summer has been no exception. There are many creative ways to spruce up your home and garden areas, and one of the cutest ideas is to use old windows to make custom picture frames. The best part? It’s not nearly as complex as you might think! Follow these simple steps to build yourself a lovely addition to any room in the house:

Find the Perfect Window

First, you have to find the perfect canvas. Try finding an antique frame at a flea market or in a vintage shop. Better yet, ask your relatives for old windows they might have stored in the basement or the garage. Creating art for your home always has more meaning if it comes with a story. Decide if you want to draw a lot of attention to one photo in particular or if you want to display a collage of pictures on the wall. Remember that you can always sand, stain, or paint a frame to match the colour of the room of your choice. Pay more attention to the shape of the frame than the color and you’ll be sure to find what it is you’re looking for.

Choose your Photos Carefully

Once you know what kind of frame you want to use, you can begin choosing which photos you’d like to show off. Start by deciding what kind of theme you’re interested in: are you think about beautiful scenery or spectacular views? Maybe you’d like to display friends, family, or special events with your significant other. Choosing the pictures can be even more fun than choosing the frame when you’re working on your own to complete a DIY home edition. Think about the people who will be looking at your pictures. Do you want clients to see family photos in your office? Are snaps of nature the right fit for your dining room? What effect should they have on the energy of the room? Color photos look great in bright rooms while black and white ones complement rooms decorated in more subtle hues.

Put it all Together

Once you've made the hardest decisions, it’s time to put it all together! Decide whether you want to fill each frame with a photo, leave a clear space, or fill it with a colored border. Borders are an easy way to change the feeling of a room without using up a lot of time and energy: simply replace them with a new color theme and your room will automatically feel refreshed. Secure your photos with a bit of glue or a light adhesive like double-sided tape. Measure your frame to see how large a backing you should make sure it and secure it with small screws (on the wood of the frame) with sliding hooks to secure the backing. You can buy these tools at any home hardware store. Once your backing is secure your frame will be ready to hang in your home wherever you like. It’s a sure way to make any room feel more like home!

Therefore, if you realize that your home windows have turned old and there are no chances of an effective window replacement then you could do something creative like this and turn your trash into gold!