Pool Shade Structures: Adapting the Sun to Your Own Preferences

pool umbrellas

The absolute best thing you can have in your garden when it comes to long hot sunny days is a pool – it will not only make your garden more stylish, but will provide you, your family and friends a place to cool down, make a party and swim. If you, on the other hand, prefer to keep the sun only semi-present, there are some great ways to equip your beloved pool with some shade.

Pool Umbrellas

A solution not completely resistant to bad weather conditions, but looking very attractive, pool umbrellas are among the most popular choices for people who want some shade over their pools. They are cheap, easily put up and down, practical when it comes to storage and come in different colors and sizes. Umbrellas are also used by people who don’t own a pool to create shade on their patios, but for those with big pools, a couple of umbrellas featuring the same style or color will turn your pool into a source of envy of the neighborhood.

Shade Sails

Created by combining two inspirations – ship sails and palm trees – this way is quite effective and probably offers the biggest range of options. Since they're made of different materials and cloth, they can be shaped in the most unique ways possible, according to your preferences, and come in every color you want. You can install them relatively easily and additionally combine several layers one atop of the other to create a range of shading effects.

shade sails


Even though they’re often seen as huge tents that are set up for a garden party or an outdoor event so the guests can enjoy their food and drinks in peace, marquees are so much more than that. Yes, they resemble a tent, but offer a practical and easily assembled solution for your pool and your patio as well. Today the choice of marquees for sale are wide and include different color palettes and shapes, so anyone can afford them these days, especially because they are so practical and can serve as more than just shade provision for pools.


Unlike shade sails and umbrellas, this option is much more stable, long lasting and can endure rain and windy weather. Even though they are also used as entry processions in houses and over gardens, pergolas are sometimes seen as the most elegant, visually attractive and stylish solution for pool shade. Some pergolas can even be adjusted so you can easily regulate how much sun is coming through.

pool pergola

Other Options

There are several other solutions you can use and these structures – retractable shade canopies, movable roofs, etc. – are a bit more complex and delicate, but offer great results as well. However, they are more expensive and more complicatedly put up, so the majority of people choose marquees and umbrellas due to their versatility and practical installation. Again, having a pool during the summer is a great asset, but today’s ultra-violet radiation and possible health problems simply require you to have some sort of protection that will limit the sun exposure to your preference.

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