Holiday Decor Ideas for the Traditional Home

holiday decor

The holidays are indeed here. The season brings exciting traditions such as gift giving, family pictures, and of course, decorating your home. This holiday season add a little excitement to your home by updating traditional décor ideas. Here are a few tips to make your decorating fun and easy.

Have fun

Before you begin make sure you remember to have fun. The holiday season can be a busy time, so remember to keep this mindset before you start. When you do something that you are having fun with, it shows. Let the fun energy radiate throughout your home.

Plan a concept

Decorating for the holidays does not only mean getting a tree and throwing all that you can find on it. You need a concept. It can be a theme like winter wonderland or rustic holiday. It can also be a color scheme like white and gold or silver and blue. Creating a concept helps you organize your décor to ensure your home looks polished as you transition from room to room.

Keep it simple

Understated elegance is elegance at its best. Find a focal point for your decorations like your Christmas tree or an antique table. Let the design radiate through the rest of the space. Make sure you implement your color scheme well to avoid the impression of clutter.

Sort your holiday décor for the ones you will use this year from the ones that need to be stored for later. Remember to create a space for your holiday décor. Move furniture around when necessary. This not only makes your decorating process easier, it also maintains the organization of your home.

Add a twist

Some traditional décors may need an update. Create exciting twists to your décor to give it a fresh perspective. Unexpected colors to make things pop out or a nontraditional ornament are just a few ways to accomplish this. Incorporate meaningful objects, such as family heirlooms, photographs or children’s crafts, to add a personal touch. Adding a twist to your favorite traditional decors can add an extraordinary and whimsical touch to your home.

Involve your furniture

When you have furniture that is a natural beauty, complement them with the right décor. An antique table can be a good background for a holiday centerpiece. A wooden bookshelf is a great place to hang a wreath. Snow globes and figurines are great company to your antique lamp. Finding great furniture at Antiques on Old Plank Road is like finding art that can inspire décor all year round.

Be welcoming

Many homes stick to decorating a living space, and often leave the hallways out. Spread the holiday spirit to your entire home by decorating doors and hallways in the same concept as your living spaces. If you are entertaining guests for the holiday season, this will serve as a nice gesture to greet them. It doesn’t need to be as grand; a small touch of décor goes a long way.

Holiday décor gets everybody in the mood for sharing, giving, and celebrating. Take advantage of décor that creates an experience for your family and guests this holiday season.