How to Protect Your Double Pane Windows from Condensation

Everyone has been exposed to condensation at some time in their life. It refers to the accumulation of liquid on cooler surfaces, such as windows. It has to do with the molecules in warm air being different than the molecules of cooler air and the two of them meeting up with one another.

On a window with a single pane of glass, condensation forms relatively easily and at certain times of the year it can make it almost impossible to see outside. With double pane windows, a layer of gas between the panes reduces the heat loss or gain through the window, cutting down on the likelihood of condensation forming. However, the double pane protraction isn't infallible, so you may have to take steps to prevent condensation.

Cause of Failure

Since a double pane window set up is designed to prevent condensation from forming, if you see any visible condensation or fog between the panes, it means that the sealant or glazing assembly that’s supposed to prevent it has failed.

When this happens, it’s important to have the glazing repaired or replaced, before irreparable damage occurs to the window panes. If you see this, call the company that does window installation and have them come out as soon as possible to investigate. If your windows are under some kind of warranty, your repair may be covered. But whether it is covered or not, the situation still needs attention.

Best Protection

Probably the best protection against having your double pane windows fall victim to condensation is to have the windows installed by a reputable company that guarantees their operation. Knowing that your window company has a proven track record of quality and that they are willing to rectify any issues, gives peace of mind when things go wrong.

Ask Questions

When the technician is at your house installing the windows, don’t be afraid to ask what kind of sealant he is using between the panes, or even how the whole system works. Many use silica gel pellets in there, but it’s always good to know what is happening with your house. Since it’s not always easy to see the condensation on the window, finding out as much as you can about the process while it’s being installed is a good idea.

Tricky Detection

If your double pane windows sit in the shade a lot of the time, it may not be possible to see direct evidence of condensation. The windows have to be heated by direct sunlight for condensation to form, so even though it may be happening, windows in the shade won’t always show it. In contrast, windows that spend a lot of time in direct sunlight will see a higher failure rate and will require more attention.

In the end, complete prevention isn’t always possible, but by being assertive and acting when you notice a problem, you can help to keep any damage to a minimum. Take the matter seriously when you notice anything at all, because those double panes are supposed to keep you comfortable and keep the moisture out.