10 DIY Home Security Projects


In the current economy many people are turning to do-it-yourself projects to save money.

This is especially true when it comes to home improvement and security. While there may be benefits to having a company come and install a high-tech security system in your home, it can also get expensive. Many people don’t realize there are small steps you can take on your own to prevent break-ins.

1. Door reinforcement. One of the most common places of entry for a burglar is the door. Consider installing door and jam reinforcement plates to make it harder on them. This will do more than a fancy lock because most burglars are experts in picking locks anyways.

2. Get a safe. Regardless of how effective your home security system is, burglars may still be able to find a way in. When they do you want to make sure your most valuable items are well protected. Small safes are fairly inexpensive. Make sure it’s bolted to the floor or wall or an intruder will simply take it with them.

3. Reinforce garage doors. All it takes to break some of these entries is a forceful kick. Whether or not you have valuables in the garage you want to keep it protected. A burglar could use tools from the garage to break in. Consider barring the door with 2x4 placed in holder brackets.

4. Shred papers. Burglars won’t just look for expensive jewelry and electronics. If they see papers lying around with private information they may see it as an opportunity to steal your identity. Buy an inexpensive paper shredder and destroy records that you no longer need.

5. Strengthen your dealt bolt. As was mentioned before, burglars are experts in picking locks. Some people have found that they can strengthen their deadbolts by adding an additional lock to one of the screws holding the deadbolt in the door.

6. Reinforce patio doors with a lock. Patio doors can be the easiest to break into. One way to fix this weakness is by placing a wooden stick in the door track. If you don’t like the way that looks however there are inexpensive and easy to install foot locks on the market. They fit into the grommet and make it much more difficult to break in.

7. Install a peephole. Letting someone you don’t know into your home is a huge risk. One of the best ways to prevent this is with a peephole. Make sure it has a wide angle so you can get a clear image of who is at the door.

8. Security mailbox. Burglars use mail to extract personal information. They can also figure out your plans if you write a letter telling someone you will be out of town for example. Security mailboxes allow mail to be dropped in the box but they require a key to get it out.

9. Don’t leave your garage remote in your car. Burglars know where to look for these. If they can find it they can access your garage and likely your house since most people don’t lock the door leading into the home.

10. Disable the overhead garage door. If you are going to be gone for more than a day, disable the garage door opener. If it’s one you open by hand, put a padlock over the latch. Getting through the garage can lead to easy access to the home. 

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