3 Tips To Keep Your Home Safe This Halloween

Halloween decorations

Jack O Lanterns, costumes and candy all make Halloween fun, but having the streets filled with costumed individuals asking strangers for handouts provides an opportunity for burglars to conceal themselves in the crowd.

The purpose of this article is not to fill you with fear about urban legends, such as poisoned candy or child abductions, but rather to make you aware of how to eliminate any vulnerabilities Halloween may create for your home defense and securities. After all, we would not open up our door for masked strangers any other day of the year without taking the proper precautions.

1. Keep Your House Well-Lit

Yes, turning off the lights makes your house appear spookier, but it can also be a sign that the home is an unoccupied and a good target for a masked thief that merely looks like a trick or treater. In addition, darkness makes it easy for intruders to hide and sneak around your property without being noticed. Keep your porch light on during the trick or treat hours so you can clearly see who is at your door, and install motion sensors in your yard and driveway to deter anyone from sneaking around. If you aren't planning on being home this Halloween, leave some lights on anyway or use a timer on the lights to give the impression that someone is home.

2. Be Wary After Nine

Most parents want their children home by nine, so they are not out late on a school night or wandering around in the dark. As such, be wary should your doorbell ring after nine. If you must check to see if it is trick or treaters, look through the peephole, but the best policy is to simply stop handing out candy after this hour. While you don't have to be scared of everyone that comes to your door, use common sense before opening a door for an adult or group of unruly teenagers. It's better to let someone move on, than to mistakenly open a door for someone with less-than honorable intentions.

3. Use Your Alarm System

Finally, consider looking at some new security camera systems to help protect your home and family. Today's alarm systems can detect not just when someone opens the front or back door, but also if a window is broken, and can immediately notify the authorities for you. If you plan to be away for Halloween, many alarm systems can also be managed with your smartphone, so you can turn your system on or off as needed, and even access the camera feed to see what is going on inside and outside of your home.

Halloween is supposed to be an enjoyable holiday, so let's keep it fun by being smart about protecting our home and keeping our loved ones safe. That way we can focus on costumes and candy rather than wondering who might be wandering around outside while we're away at that Halloween party.