Good Tips for Having a Garage Sale

tips for garage sale

If your home and garage are getting more and more cluttered, a garage sale, sometimes called a yard sale or a tag sale, depending on where you live, might be the cure for what ails you. Not only will a garage sale enable you to get some of your “treasures” out of your house, but it will also earn you some money, if you’re lucky! Hosting a successful garage sale is about more than simply sticking your stuff in the driveway and hoping for the best, however. Here are some great tips for making your yard sale a success:

Plan the date ahead of time

While it’s possible to choose a date a few days in advance, it’s better to plan out a few weeks. One reason is so others in your neighborhood can have sales of their own during the same weekend. This can boost your sales substantially, because buyers will come to the area if there is more than one sale. Another reason is that you can check the calendar to be sure that it’s not a holiday weekend or competing with something major going on in town. Holding your sale on the same day as the county fair might cause would-be buyers to have to make a choice... and chances are good that they’ll put yard-saling on the back burner if something more exciting is going on.

Advertise, advertise, advertise

This doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. Put up an ad on Craigslist and, if it’s allowed in your area, put up some signs around town. (Make sure that you take them down again right after the sale!) You might be able to pin up a notice at the grocery store or community center (ask first), or if you have a free weekly newspaper in your town, advertise there. Include some of your big-ticket items, such as kids’ clothes, toys, books, tools or furniture.

Make sure items are clean and priced appropriately

Because prices at garage sales vary from area to area, the best thing to do is to attend a few other yard sales a week or two before your own is schedule. That way, you can see what going rates are for the types of items you’re selling. No matter what the price, make sure everything is clean and in good working order. Also, expect people to bargain. Don’t feel as though you have to say yes to every lowball offer, but don’t refuse to budge at all, either.

Make sure you have change

Some people will pay with $20 bills. If your first customer has a bigger bill and you can’t break it, then you’ve just lost a sale. Go to the bank to get a roll of quarters and $20-30 in single dollar bills, along with a few fives, tens and twenties.

Have a plan for whatever is left over

If you sell a good percentage of your items, then you can consider your garage sale a success! You will likely have items left, however. Instead of bringing them back into your garage, consider donating them or taking them to a consignment shop. This way, someone else can benefit from the items, and they won’t be taking up valuable room in your home.

A garage sale is a great way to spend a nice day. You’ll get to talk to interesting people, get rid of some of your clutter, and make some money in the process. Take a look at the calendar, rally your neighbors, and plan your next garage sale today!