The Right Way To Use Color Swatches When Picking Paint Colors For Your Home

The Right Way To Use Color Swatches

When it comes to painting your home, finding the right colors can be a bit difficult, especially with the number of selections available.

However, you can actually take the guesswork out of picking paint colors, by using color swatches or paint chip colors. Paint swatches are samples of paint colors printed on pieces of cardboard found at paint stores. They can be in the form of bound fans or loose square and rectangle chips in which colors are arranged in graduated forms.

You have probably heard homeowners complaining that a particular paint color they have picked on a color swatch does not actually look the same once they have applied it on their walls. While there is some truth to that, you also have to consider that using paint swatches takes more than just looking at them, choosing the color that you like, and then purchasing the paint. The process also demands a series of tests and some consultations. So to ensure that you choose the color you are hoping for your walls, here are some things to keep in mind when using paint swatches.

Do a test drive

The most important step in picking the right paint color is to test it out. Choose a handful of hues that complement the mood that you want for your room to embody or borrow an entire fan deck or chips of colors and bring them home.

Stick the chips onto the walls that you would like to paint and observe them at different times of day–from the bright morning light, to gentle afternoon light, to lamp-illuminated night. Then, hold them against furniture and accessories (i.e. fabrics, lampshades, slip and throw covers, etc.) to see if they complement with your existing palette. Try to narrow down your choices to at least two or three colors.

Bring home small amounts of your chosen paint colors and check them on the walls

Go back to the paint store and ask for sample amounts of the colors you have chosen. Most paint stores offer tiny containers for sampling, which could cost you a few bucks. If you are planning on taking several paint colors, the amount could add up, but this is definitely a worthy investment since you will be able to know how the paints will actually look like once they are on your walls.

Bring the samples home and brush them on broad sections on your walls at an eye level. Cover wide surfaces as you can so as to better evaluate the colors. Don't worry, you can easily cover these test plots with primer once you proceed with the actual paint job. When the sections are dry, evaluate how they look like with the furniture inside the rooms and with framed photos or artwork hanged on the walls.

Also, do not remove the test sections just yet. See how they look like at different times of day, just like how you did with the paint swatches. Doing so will ensure that you will not be disappointed with the results.

Consult the experts to get the right sheen

Once you have decided what hues you prefer, consult with the experts at the paint store to know what sheen is suitable for the type of wall surface that you have. They can also provide you with an insight as to what preparations you need to do protect your painted walls against moisture and dirt. Once you have attended to all of these, you can go ahead and start painting your walls.