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The Versatility of Frameless Glass Sliding Doors

Frameless Glass Sliding Doors

I recently wrote a piece about fixing glass sliding doors, and while I was surfing the web looking for pictures I came across some wonderful photographs of the Frameless variety - I bookmarked some of the ones that impressed me so I could share them with you now.

I've never lived in a home which has had them, but after looking at some of these pictures I really grew to like them - I think I'm developing 'frameless' envy :)

How Contractors and Renovators Can Forge a Great Relationship

Contractors and renovators can often be wary of each other and their roles as they look to complete a major project. These tips will ensure that the relationship is trusting and effective, writes Julian Fleming

Renovation is a tough job. It can be time-consuming and stressful for renovators to hire a professional to do the job, particularly if they have no frame of reference. Similarly, contractors can become frustrated with wary renovators who aren't knowledgeable about what needs to be done and, as a result, unjustifiably believe they are being taken advantage of.

Choosing Custom Replacement Glass

broken glass

Everyone loves glass – it’s affordable, classy and versatile. Of course, the one downside to glass is that it breaks easily. If you've got a cracked window pane or a shattered cabinet door, don’t fret – you don’t have to pay a small fortune to replace the whole window or purchase a new cabinet. You can just get the damaged glass replaced by following this handy guide.

How to Protect Your Double Pane Windows from Condensation

Everyone has been exposed to condensation at some time in their life. It refers to the accumulation of liquid on cooler surfaces, such as windows. It has to do with the molecules in warm air being different than the molecules of cooler air and the two of them meeting up with one another.

How To Store Timber

Storing Timber

When you are storing a natural material, such as timber, it is really important to make sure it is stored properly; otherwise you will find it quickly ruins and is no longer suitable for purpose.

Better Attic Storage Ideas

Attic Storage Ideas

Attics are ideal for storing a variety of items you only use from time to time, but in order for it to be a functional storage solution for your home, rather than a dumping ground where things have a nasty habit of ‘disappearing’, it's time for some better attic storage ideas to keep everything tidy and organized up there.

How to Remove Difficult Stains From Your Furniture

How to get heat stains out of wood

Though spending hundreds, or sometimes thousands on a piece of furniture can be quite a nice feeling, when something unfortunate happens to the same piece, that feeling of happiness can quickly wash away.

So here are some of the most popular solutions for some of the most unpopular stains:

How to Purge Your Closet

messy closet

Depending on where you live, wardrobe-transitioning time happens one to four times per year. That's when you need to go through your closet, taking out items that are from last season and bringing in the clothing that you will wear over the next few months. While this is a great time to purge items that you no longer wear, many people simply pack clothing away without thinking about whether they want to keep it for another season. Over time, this can lead to a case of closet clutter.

Your Opportunity to be on a UK Home TV Show

The House That £100k Built: Tricks of the Trade

I received an email from Josi Allan at Remarkable Television who is working on a new TV show for BBC Two which is called "The House That £100k Built: Tricks of the Trade" - it's a spin-off from their popular show "The House That £100k Built".

If you live in the UK and are currently doing a self build, renovation or home improvement, then here's your opportunity to be part of the new show.

15 Lifehacks To Gain Storage And Sanity In The Home

If you’re living in a tiny flat or have a large family that comes with a lot of clutter, storage is key to keeping your home tidy and your brain relaxed. Try these tips around your home to help you keep your life tidy and your personal space organised!