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Accenting with Lighting Fixtures

Accenting with Lighting Fixtures

More than just providing light in a room, choosing the right fixtures, floor and tabletop lamps offers you marvelous scope when it comes to curating your look. Creatively choosing your home lamping offers the opportunity to either softly accent the general aesthetic of your decor or cut against the grain for an edgy look. Furthermore, the way you light a room--where you focus light and how strong--will make all the difference when it comes to defining atmosphere and highlighting important design elements.

Pencil Pleat or Eyelet Curtains?

Pencil Pleat or Eyelet Curtains

As I've mentioned before, my house has a guest apartment which I'm slowly trying to improve, and now it has come time to select new curtains and the decision come down to choosing between pencil pleat and eyelet.

I've tried to illustrate the difference between the two types of curtains in the picture to the left. Pencil pleat curtains have pleats at the top which are tightened or loosened with strings and then hung from the curtain rod, while eyelet curtains simply have holes in the top circled with metal rings which you slide over the curtain rod.

Home Improvement Tips from a Minimalist

Home Improvement Tips from a Minimalist

Last year, April 2014 to be exact, my wife and I decided to go minimalist. Obviously, anyone can decide to be a minimalist in a blink of an eye, but actually living a minimalist lifestyle takes time. Having said that, I can say that we are still on the early stages of being full-pledge minimalists. Nevertheless, the important thing is that we have started, and I am here to share with you some of the things we have learned and applied in our lives, particularly in terms of home improvement.

Putting Together My Sydney Bachelor Apartment

Sydney Bachelor Apartment

I will not go into the reasons as to why I got the opportunity to decorate my first bachelor apartment for myself because they are quite personal and boring as well. What I want to share with you are my efforts to make my relatively small and limited new apartment into a bachelor apartment that people will like spending time in and where I will feel like a grown man with his own life.

Question Answered: How the Science of Feng Shui Works

Feng Shui

This is a topic of vital importance because it appears that there may be some homes in the educated world that have yet to properly embrace feng shui love.

Before you read any further, I strongly urge you to purchase the book 風水科學的建築環境 - 基礎與案例研究 (which is available from all unremorseful bookstores everywhere) due to its subtle and illuminating exposure of both traditional interior design as well as 邏輯和理性.

2 Quick Tips for Getting More From Your Lounge/Living Room

coffee tables

There are basically two types of people in the world - those whose most important room in the house is their kitchen and those who favor the living room - there are also the bedroom fanatics, but they never get anything done so the less said about them the better:)

From the Bedroom to La Chambre: Shabby Chic

Shabby Chic

Although this look has been around a while, Shabby Chic is still one of the most popular décor styles. It speaks of romance, history and French cottages. It’s epitomized by soft pastel colors, with matt finishes on both the walls and furniture; perfect for the bedroom. Some of the furniture can be distressed to give it an aged look. Whilst it can look quite opulent, it is definitely possible to achieve this look for less.

How White Walls Can Transform Your Space

white wall

White walls are more than just bare walls. A room with too much of one color needs variety, and looking at white-painted walls with a fresh perspective is inspiring. Each color has its own strength, but white is in a category of its own; it brightens a room and adds the illusion of space. Combined with the right lighting, it can bring a room alive with subtle character.

Smart Ideas to Make the Most of Your Small Apartment

small appartments

In an apartment, space comes at a premium, therefore it's necessary to make most of the available space. No matter how little or congested space you have, there is always scope for extra storage space. Here are some smart home improvement ideas that help to make most of the available space.

Adding a Touch of Old-age Elegance to a New home

bath with clawed feet

The problem with some new homes is that they seem a little identikit, though polished and modern designed, these homes can be lacking in individual character.

If you live in a new-build property have you thought about adding your unique touch and embracing the past?

With a few simple touches and some creativity, you can inject your own personality into your newly built home.