Accenting with Lighting Fixtures

Accenting with Lighting Fixtures

More than just providing light in a room, choosing the right fixtures, floor and tabletop lamps offers you marvelous scope when it comes to curating your look. Creatively choosing your home lamping offers the opportunity to either softly accent the general aesthetic of your decor or cut against the grain for an edgy look. Furthermore, the way you light a room--where you focus light and how strong--will make all the difference when it comes to defining atmosphere and highlighting important design elements. The wrong light draws away from otherwise-strong design components, whereas thoughtful and inspired lamping can bring everything together effortlessly. Many of these lamp types are similar, their styles interchangeable, and selecting wisely they be added to a contrasting decor motif to bring out the best in each.

Lighting design offers you literal dozens of ways to tweak your personal style until perfection. Some of the more popular styles you can touch on include:

Rustic farmhouse

In line with traditional Americana style, rustic looks are all the rage from the homesteads of Montana to lofts in Brooklyn. These looks use subdued finishes, classic fabric shades, and even some rural motifs such as antlers and wagon wheels. Rustic farmhouse lamps use simple forms and considerably more wood than most other styles.

Mid century modern

Lighting from the post-war years is all about iconic forms. Modern lamping incarnations use the same sense of color, shape, and silhouette to give a sense of completion to the unique form of modernist furniture. Famous designs like the Sputnik, with its explosion of small round candelabra bulbs, and other simple geometric designs in stark monochromes are wildly popular among modernism aficionados. From high Bauhaus style to the sleekness of 70’s vintage, it’s all here.

Art deco

Empire inspiration at its finest, these 20’s looks touch on the high sophistication of the Jazz Age. Deco lighting uses a lot of dark tones, defined lines and patterns, and milky glass to create a classic look and feel. All of this acts to create the type of style you’d find in Manhattan’s finest speakeasies as only F Scott Fitzgerald could imagine it.


Transitional style bridges the gap between tried-and-true classics and on-trend contemporary style. Defined as a type of classic with a modern twist, transitional lamping utilizes a lot of geometric patterning, distressing, and silvered/chromed hues along with timeless touches like glass beading.


The genesis of industrial lamping in the nineteenth century came from necessity. Many of the iconic forms in vintage industrial style come from their inspiration: cage framing, wide protective shades, and Edison bulbs define the look. Finishes on vintage industrial lamps will vary from classic blacks and bronzes to rusted, distressed tones.


Spending any amount of time in the Southwest makes it apparent how connected every modern urban space is with its natural roots--from earth tone tile roofing to the omnipresent mountains and rolling hills on the outskirts of town. Southwest inspired lamping takes many of these aesthetic cues--from earthy color to nods at the iconic cultural tapestry of the region--and brings them into concert with modernity. Southwestern inspired lamping can vary from the traditional to highly conceptual.


Inspired by the multifaceted culture tied to the sea, coastal lighting will vary from nautical touches like rope and anchors to shimmering capiz shell accents--literally drawing inspiration from beneath the waves. This design style features clean, simple forms and is best when paired with greens and pastels.


Creative designers can do quite a lot with the soft glow of Japanese-inspired paper lanterns and shades. Both standing lamps and hanging fixtures use simple lines to bump up the effect of simple minimalist furniture and rich hardwood tones.


And of course, the classic of classics: Victorian inspiration. Influenced by everything from period-proper Neo-classical revival to gas lamping technology of the day, Victorian style is intricate, floral, scrollwork-heavy, and everything that modern sophistication draws from. Victorian lamping styles are often deployed in more contemporary design motifs from transitional to rustic and underpins a lot of other design concepts.


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