5 Home Decorating Trends That Will Be Hot In 2014

Decorating with art - big sizes, unusual materials and placement will be on trend in 2014

Comfortable and attractively designed house is a pride of any homeowner. Unfortunately, having a properly decorated house is quite difficult, as interior decorating trends change quicker than we manage to get a few fashionable items and adjust them to the exciting house design. Generally, all fashionable trends change with every coming year. Since year 2013 is slowly but steadily going away, it is time to start discovering what colors, home accents and decorating accessories will dominate in 2014. The sooner you discover the upcoming trends, the more chances you will have to decorate your house in accordance with the latest tendencies. Here are 5 home decorating trends that will be hot in 2014:

Bright and Expressive Colors

Neutral and pastel colors will be ousted by bright and vibrant ones (yellow, red, fuchsia, orange, neon pink, purple, etc). Bright colors of walls or furniture will add warmth and energy to your home. If you are not fond of bright walls, just add a few colorful accessories, as lamps or sofa cushions. Such bright accents will compliment dark moody walls which will remain popular in 2014.

Art is on Trend

Art never goes out of fashion. Whether you like abstract pieces or traditional paintings, make sure they are big. Unusual materials are always attention drawing and therefore popular. Do not be afraid to experiment and decorate your home with provocative art pieces. Big sizes, unusual materials and placement will be on trend in 2014.

Lavish and Elegant Textures

Standard and plain fabrics should be substituted by lavish and elegant ones, like silk or velvet. This is the subject to all rooms. A living room will look trendy if you add a few velvet cushions, while the bedroom will get an elegant flare with a silk bedspread. Remember to choose vivid colors which is another hot trend of the upcoming year.

Antique Items

If your house does not have antique decorations, it is time to get at least one. Antique items combined with new furniture or high-tech interior design will give any room an interesting and fashionable look. Antique furniture will be especially hot in 2014, as it is aesthetically pleasing, made of natural materials and has a superior quality. Handmade antique furniture, as well as other home accessories can easily compliment any home design.


If you check the new collections offered by the top furniture manufacturing companies, you will notice that all furniture pieces are made to be functional, comfortable and ergonomic. If you are currently on the market for new furniture pieces, make sure you choose furniture with pure lines and simple ergonomic forms. Egg and wingback chairs will be still trendy in 2014.

Remember that colors, textures, furniture and accessories should complement each other. Thus, before your start decorating your house, it is necessary to perform a decent research on the latest trends. There are lots of interior design websites, like Roomateka.com, outlining the latest home design tendencies and explaining how to match different colors, furniture pieces and home accessories.