2 Quick Tips for Getting More From Your Lounge/Living Room

coffee tables

There are basically two types of people in the world - those whose most important room in the house is their kitchen and those who favor the living room - there are also the bedroom fanatics, but they never get anything done so the less said about them the better:)

Both rooms have their own strengths. If your kitchen is also your dining space it’s where you can catch up with your family and talk about your day, but the living room is the best place to relax after a difficult day at the office. Whether it’s in front of the TV watching your favorite programs or kicking back with a good book, here are two simple ways you can improve your living room space.

A Coffee Table

Your coffee table is a must-have piece for any living room. It can act as a companion to the overall feel to the room or be the focal point and create a real statement.

Make sure you choose something that’s of a high quality, or at least high visual appeal. Don't skimp with your coffee table as this can really cement the overall theme of your decor. Just as important to the quality of the materials and finish is the style you choose - for instance, a classic looking wooden piece is perfect for a traditional looking home while a glass construction will enforce a sleek, modern aesthetic - take a look here for some unique looking examples.

You can accessorize your coffee table with conversation starters like books or fresh flowers. If you chose one with drawers it can also be used to keep all those remote controls we end up with out of sight.


unique candles

You shouldn't look at your light fixtures as just simple on or off necessities because they play a significant role in the overall ambiance of the area. The illusion of space is defined by how light reflects off the surfaces in a room so by carefully considering the use of light and colors you can actually make your room feel bigger than it really is.

To make a room feel open and airy, lose the heavy curtains and let the light in - or add mirrors to amplify the available light. The use of white and lighter colors make a room feel more spacious, whereas dark, warmer colors will make the room feel more cozy and intimate. Choose the colors and lighting that best fit what you want from your living room. You can even take it a step further and personalize it year round with lighting accessories like scented candles.