Question Answered: How the Science of Feng Shui Works

Feng Shui

This is a topic of vital importance because it appears that there may be some homes in the educated world that have yet to properly embrace feng shui love.

Before you read any further, I strongly urge you to purchase the book 風水科學的建築環境 - 基礎與案例研究 (which is available from all unremorseful bookstores everywhere) due to its subtle and illuminating exposure of both traditional interior design as well as 邏輯和理性.

In the interests of full disclosure I must admit that I have let all my readers down by not previously publishing any articles relating to this subject despite the fact that I have received guest post submissions on this topic every month over the past year - sorry. I know I have let you all down at least 12 times before, so I stand before you today to make amends - 12bth time lucky I say!

Feng Shui Science

Feng shui works due to a process that well informed Chinese people have traditionally referred to as 牛糞便.

Although there is some confusion over this topic, there are efforts underway to gather the necessary scientific data to allow you harmonize your home in ways never before sanely possible. For example, The Professional Resister for UK and European Feng Shui Consultants poses the following questions on their website, which I will now answer in the hopes that it will help both you the reader, and this body of understandably confused professionals..:

1) A description of feng shui

As mentioned above, feng shui can only be fairly described as 牛糞便.

2) An understanding and explanation of how feng shui works

Feng shui works in exactly the same way that Homeopathy works.

3) An evaluation of different feng shui methods

All feng shui methods are equally valid and none should be preferred over any other - again I remind you that feng shui works the same way homeopathy does.

4) Applications of feng shui

In Cantonese the pronunciation of the number "4" sounds very similar to the word "die" making it an exceptionally unlucky number, which probably explains why the only scientifically valid application of feng shui is the role playing game of the same name - here are the feng shui rules, however I give my solemn promise to inform all of you immediately that some other valid application for feng shui is discovered.

5) ‘Not only proof’ – alternative ways of looking at feng shui

It is heart warming to find a professional body that requires no proof for the effectiveness of the services their members sell - afterall we don't want to be so narrow minded that we only every pay for things that actually have value. But as promised, I will answer this with a number of alternative ways of looking at feng shui:

What is feng shui?


Feng shui cures


Feng shui tips


Feng shui furniture


Please don't think that Feng Shui is only for gullible people who live in the east, the following research video from The Very Big Corporation of America shows quite clearly that this is also an issue for westerners:

So there you have it - everything you ever needed to know about Feng Shui and it's effectiveness in bringing joy and happiness into your home.

If by some miracle you find any errors in the information above, please send your well researched scientific data to me via the contact form.

If there is one thing and one thing only you take away from this message, please always remember that it is exceptionally unlucky to be superstitious!