Smart Ideas to Make the Most of Your Small Apartment

small appartments

Staying uncluttered in your small apartment depends on the kind of creative storage you use and your organizational skills. Since, the space is small, you cannot stay uncluttered and finding extra ways to tuck away things becomes a priority. Making or finding that extra storage space is just a matter of being diligent and crafty.

Here are a few quick tips to make most of your small space apartment.

Living room

There is no hard and fast rule that your living space should have a sofa. You can use any kind of seating and lounging furniture that can fit in the small space.

Make full use of the wall. Bookshelves surrounding the living room area can make creative use of the walls that might otherwise remain underutilized.

If you do not have a guest room in your apartment, you can use sofa beds. Sofa beds help solve dual purpose of seating and sleeping. In case you don’t want a sofa in your living room, you can go in for wall retractable or ceiling retractable beds.

Free standing cabinets are not always a hindrance. In a small apartment, free standing furniture can create visual separation of the living room from the entryway. It can also provide additional storage space to keep the rooms uncluttered.


Beds occupy the most space in the bedroom, and you don’t want the little space on either side of the bed to be occupied by nightstands. Avoid nightstands or bedside tables. Instead opt of small shelves on either sides of your bed. The shelves help you save space and makes cleaning underneath it fairly easy.

Closets not only assist in saving space from within (letting you store clothes and other items). If you install sliding doors to the closets, you can save a lot of space in the bedroom.

Using rolling bins that roll under the bed when not in use, make for a good storage unit for children’s toys and linens etc.


In addition to cabinets, overhead shelves in the kitchen can let you store all petty things including oil bottle, spices containers etc., that otherwise tend to clutter the countertop.

Kitchen walls can also be used more creatively. Yes you cannot add bookshelves to the kitchen walls, so the idea is to install metal rods with hooks to hang things like cups, small utensils, pans, pots. You can also use magnetic strips on the walls to hand knives etc.


Easiest way to maximize storage in a small bathroom is to include a vanity instead of a simple wash basin. Vanity gives you enough space to tuck away a lot of rarely used stuff in the bathroom.

Instead of a single towel bar behind the bathroom door, you can install more bars to increase the space for drying.

To utilize the available space besides the sink, you can use a container or even a fruit basket to store all the bathroom essentials including toiletries, makeup items and soap dish.

Trying some or all of the above-mentioned tips you can certainly maximize the space of your small living and enjoy the luxury of a large apartment.