Putting Together My Sydney Bachelor Apartment

Sydney Bachelor Apartment

I will not go into the reasons as to why I got the opportunity to decorate my first bachelor apartment for myself because they are quite personal and boring as well. What I want to share with you are my efforts to make my relatively small and limited new apartment into a bachelor apartment that people will like spending time in and where I will feel like a grown man with his own life.

First of all, I can tell you that I have done the most of the 'd├ęcor' choosing myself, of course with the help of various professionals who have helped me achieve my vision which was not something I started with, but something that developed over time. I figured the best way to go about this would be to go from room to room, with a pic or two to give you an idea of what I have done.


I spend very little time in the bedroom and I have done so for the most part of my life. This is why I found no reason to go overboard in decorating it and making it something too special. It is a smaller room with a nice, quality bed, a few shelves and that is that. Oh yeah, I have also put in a TV because love watching TV before going to sleep. I know many would not agree that this is a smart idea, but hey, it is my bedroom.

bachelor bedroom


It is my opinion that the bathroom makes or breaks the living space, no matter how big and no matter who lives there. For my bathroom, I went with a simple shower cabin, nothing too fancy. I did install a holder for the shower head so I can just turn the water on and relax. I went with vertical radiators for the winter months. Also, as you can see, I went with an orange color that will be a welcome break from all the white bathrooms I used over the years. I like it.


Since my new apartment is a two-floor one (albeit with very limited space on each floor), the stairway is sort of important because it leads up to the bedroom and the living room. I cannot really tell you much about it. It is yellow and I put in some drawings that my nephews did for me. I went with this yellow because it looks great in the morning when the light comes down from the upstairs floor.

bachelor stairway

Living room

I spend 98% of my time in my apartment in the living room and I wanted to make it as comfortable but also as Spartan as I could. The limited space meant that I would be getting L-shaped sofa, which had to be mobile and versatile so it could fit through the unusually cramped stairway. It folds out in a full double bed and it can be separated and used as two sofas. I just love it.

living room

No living room is complete without a TV and although it is a few years old, it still serves its purpose. You can see that I also put in a few paintings that I collected over the years. I have also found a prominent place for my very 1980s alarm clock and very 1970s orange desk lamp.

living room

living room

Finally, there is a Christmas tree there as well. Just because I live as a bachelor does not mean that I cannot celebrate Christmas the way it should be celebrated. Also, you can see a small doorway that leads to attic space (a building nightmare, do not get me started). I am in talks with some plasterers here in Sydney to get that hidden, don't worry.

The absence of Kitchen

As you can see, or more precisely as you cannot, you can guess that there is something wrong with the kitchen. The thing is that the guys who are building it for me are not yet done and it has been a tug of war for months now. If you came to read this article for kitchen tips and advice, tough luck. There are plenty here, though.

And that is about that. I didn't take any photos of the balcony because it is used as storage area pretty much. Not that I don't have ideas for it. One day. One day.

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