Adding a Touch of Old-age Elegance to a New home

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The problem with some new homes is that they seem a little identikit, though polished and modern designed, these homes can be lacking in individual character.

If you live in a new-build property have you thought about adding your unique touch and embracing the past?

With a few simple touches and some creativity, you can inject your own personality into your newly built home.

Looking back to the past for inspiration

The beauty of old-age elegance is that you have the whole past to look back to for inspiration. Whether you look back to the Georgian period or the Victorian period, or find yourself inspired by the Art Nouveau movements, there will be elegant items from each of these periods that you can use for inspiration in your new home.

Mixing eras

To add your own unique touch be careful not to stick to heavily to one era. While obtaining a particular look for your home by embracing one specific era often works, when adding some character to a new build try and mix the eras. Mixing old and new items will stop your property from looking too polished and soulless and instead will give you a truly unique look.

Obtaining older style items can sometimes be a challenge but it’s definitely a fun challenge. A challenge that will have you scouring vintage shops, wandering through reclamation yards and searching high and low on the internet.


The style of the Georgian period embraces a century under the reign of three Georges. The three phases of the Georgian are a continuum of each other and the key features were airiness, space, light, pale color schemes and delicate furniture. From this period you could perhaps embrace:

  • Oriental rugs
  • Brass wall lights
  • Room dividers


With Queen Victoria’s reign came a time of great change for home decoration. Mass production meant more products were available to buy and homes began to become grander as people used them as a reflection of status. Borrow from this period by considering:

Art Nouveau

Taking place from around 1880 to around 1910, the Art Nouveau movement took inspiration from the natural world and featured key elements such as highly stylised flowers, curvy lines, the female form, exotic woods and semi-precious stones. Take influence from this period and consider items such as:

  • Patterned wallpaper featuring highly stylised flowers, branches, leaves, thistles, birds and dragonflies
  • Tiffany lamps – these beautiful umbrella-shaped rainbows of glass with bronze and metal latticework are a must-have item from this period. Though originals are expensive to buy, reproductions are widely available
  • Silver, pewter and glass ornaments.

Although not for everyone, these period ideas can be put to stunning effect in a new home - hopefully you've seen something here to inspire you!