How White Walls Can Transform Your Space

white wall

White walls are more than just bare walls. A room with too much of one color needs variety, and looking at white-painted walls with a fresh perspective is inspiring. Each color has its own strength, but white is in a category of its own; it brightens a room and adds the illusion of space. Combined with the right lighting, it can bring a room alive with subtle character.

Shades and textures make all the difference

There are designers who embrace the color white. Creative uses of it along walls include:

  • white washed cupboards
  • aged, off white cabinets
  • marble or white tile backsplashes
  • textured paint on walls

Paint itself can produce interesting textures and when applied unevenly, it always produces unique walls. When there is a dark base underneath, the color peaks through. The white-wash effect is great for a rustic room, especially in the kitchen or bathroom!

Using the room as a backdrop for light

A great chandelier can be a simple way to make a point of focus in the room. Some chandeliers are designed to play with light, casting patterns along the wall set these light fixtures apart, but you need a proper canvas to let chandeliers properly glow. A dark or brightly colored room will take focus away from the light, but a simple, crisp white paint job will ensure that there’s an aesthetically complimenting backdrop for the lighting fixture.

Rooms without a lot of natural light can also take advantage of white walls. The light shade will reflect what little natural light does come in, amplifying it and allowing the room to feel brighter. However rooms with a little too much natural light can take advantage of blank walls, too. Having white walls that are broken up with large, bright paintings or pictures let you creatively color the room without making it overbearing with solid wall colors. Giant windows in a bright yellow room will make the color look overpowering, but those same windows in a white room with just a pop of color will make it feel inviting and chic.

White matches everything

A room with too much of one color can be overwhelming. Many interior decorators have popularized the accent wall instead as the accent color can be anything, but typically it’s a trendy color or personal favorite. All walls, except one, will be white. It’s a concept that’s found much popularity in homes, as the white walls allow for the focal point to remain on the accent wall without disturbing the color balance of the room.

White walls act as a blank canvas for your art work, décor, furniture, and even your guests! Keeping your walls a clean slate will ensure that you’re able to shop for your home without worrying if the items will clash with your color! While decorating white walls, ensure that you are not dumping it with many pieces of furniture. Keep it simple and unique. Please keep these ideas in your mind, it will definitely help you while you are planning for home renovation.