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Articles and advice on interior design ideas you can use at home.

5 Fabulous Ways To Make Your Staircase Much More Interesting

When you decide to make your home more beautiful the staircase is probably the last place you think of adding a little flair to, but if it's something you might be interested in I have a few ideas you'll definitely love.

5 Ways To Improve Your Interior With Things You Already Own!

Vintage Accessories – You know the kind of stuff which you have no use for, but you are somehow too emotionally attached to sell it? That stuff could be ready for a new lease of life as vintage interior accessories. The main examples are usually classic typewriters, sewing machines and cameras. If you want to make a really bold interior statement, you can even up-cycle and spray your typewriter a luminous pink or green!  As well as the obvious benefit of improving your interior, it's really nice to give these forgotten gems a new purpose.

5 Home Decorating Trends That Will Be Hot In 2014

Decorating with art - big sizes, unusual materials and placement will be on trend in 2014

Comfortable and attractively designed house is a pride of any homeowner. Unfortunately, having a properly decorated house is quite difficult, as interior decorating trends change quicker than we manage to get a few fashionable items and adjust them to the exciting house design. Generally, all fashionable trends change with every coming year. Since year 2013 is slowly but steadily going away, it is time to start discovering what colors, home accents and decorating accessories will dominate in 2014.

Interior Design For The Bedroom: Asian Minimalist

Asian bedroom

Considering most of us will likely be spending at least a quarter of our lives in there, the bedroom is often the last place we think of when we're refurbishing our homes. Whilst it's true that the majority of this time is spent in the land of nod, the layout and aesthetics of your room can adversely affect not only how much sleep you get, but the quality of that sleep.

Kitchen Design Around The World

The truth is no two kitchens are the same. Want to know how different they can be? Then let us take a short journey across the globe and delve into the world of kitchens, looking at both décor and functional design differences…

Upgrade Your Bathroom Without Violating Your Lease

small bathroom

Bathroom renovations can be expensive and time consuming, but well worth the effort when you have the resources. However, not everyone with a picky palate and an eye for design is lucky enough to have the "tear it all down and customize" option homeowners have.

Furniture Design Trends From Milan Design Week 2013

Last month Milan hosted its 52nd annual Salone del Mobile Internazionale design fair, showcasing some of the most innovative furniture and product designers of the moment.

Design Ideas For Galley Kitchens

Example of a Galley Kitchen

The kitchen is the one room in the home where having space is a godsend.

With appliances, gadgets, cooking paraphernalia and utensils all competing for essential space, a kitchen can soon become cluttered and untidy if not kept in check. Having a galley kitchen in your home provides an extra challenge, because of the shape and size, with space being at a premium. But that's not to say you can't create inspirational design ideas for a galley kitchen; it just takes extra consideration. Here are some tips how.

How To Decorate Your Home Office Like A Boss

decorating your home office

No matter if the home office is simply a place to organise your paperwork, or will be the base of your new company, you can achieve the best layout and style with a little bit of forward planning.  After all, you are the boss.


Work out how much you can afford.  You will need to buy the basics, a desk, some lighting, stationary, maybe even a new laptop and printer.  You may need some extra specialized equipment for your business.  Make sure you have enough money and do not cut corners on the things you need, in favour of a fancy design.

Traditional Straight Baths Vs Modern Freestanding Baths

sebago straight bath

A great thing about looking for new baths for your bathroom suite these days, is the sheer number of options available.

Here I do a head to head on the traditional straight bath design vs the modern freestanding bath to discuss the perks of both designs.