Fresh Ideas For Your Spring Kitchen Makeover

With Spring in full bloom now is the time to turn your attention to a spot of kitchen remodeling particularly if you're planning to be putting your house on the market in the near future, or if you've been putting off the task of giving your kitchen a makeover for the past decade!

As a whole there seems to be a general shift away from the timeless white kitchen design with a move towards brass accessories, patterned backsplashes and natural materials. Here's a look at some of the strongest trends which you might want to incorporate into your kitchen design:

Keep it natural

Kitchen walls no longer have to be painted, tiled or covered with wallpaper. Instead the newest trend is to expose brickwork wherever possible or use brick veneer to add a rustic look which will still look good in years to come. Alternatively if you have an old house, how about exposing any beams which have long been covered up? These look amazing when treated with beeswax and polished to a high sheen. New builds are incorporating beams and tongue and groove into their ceiling and walls which may cost more, but is well worth it for the finish it gives.

Corner Sinks

No matter whether you've got a modern, traditional or chic kitchen, compact corner sinks are making a huge statement in small kitchens and utilize an area that is typically reserved for yet another kitchen cabinet. Space saving and kind off cute, this is one trend to keep an eye out for this year.

Warm looking metal hardware

Brash chrome and stainless steel are being replaced in favor of warmer metals such as copper and bronze. Look out for stylish copper stove hoods and warm brass appliances, as well as knobs and pulls. Other looks making a comeback include iron, which helps to retain the character of a traditional kitchen.

Colorful Backsplashes

While neutral and white kitchens have been favored for decades, many of these kitchens are screaming out to have fun, and injecting some playful color is a great way of making your kitchen seem warmer and more welcoming. Look out for mosaic tiles which are all the colors of the rainbow or seek out some of the more exotic designs to incorporate into your backsplashes.

Turn to Blue

Blue is being heralded as the color for interior design in 2014 and just happens to work really well in the kitchen. Don't just stick to one shade, mix it up using energizing turquoise, soothing navy blue and uplifting sky-blue. Blue works well with white kitchen cabinets as well as wood stained cabinets and you can use blue in all manner of places such as backsplashes, accessories, china, tiles as well as on your walls.

Open Shelving

There's no getting away from the fact that kitchen cabinets are always going to be useful, but if you've got a lovely collection of china or an eclectic mix of old teapots, then why hide them behind cabinet doors. People like to display items which they're fond of or even show off the latest in kitchen appliances, and open shelving gives you a chance to do just this.

Start planning your Spring kitchen makeover today.