How To Add Splashbacks That Spice Up Your Kitchen

Kitchen splashback

Splashbacks have been used for years to brighten up often redesigned kitchens in old homes and apartments. Many of the splashbacks available today in Melbourne tend to sport real eye catching designs and styles. The right installation can give your kitchen and overall room the splash of color it deserves to stand out. However, when you are looking around for splashbacks you aren’t restricted to simply the colors in your home, there are an array of colors, designs and textures from which to choose from. There are also materials to choose from like ceramic, acrylic, granite, laminate and glass etc. So, you’re spoilt for choice.

Know your purpose

Before you start searching around every market and online store in Melbourne you need to figure out exactly what purpose you want the splashback to serve and where it will be installed. You should also think if you’re prepared to clean these on a regular basis, plus how much are you going to spend. Below we have broken all these factors down which should help you nail exactly what you need.

Looks of the splashback

Steel, glass and acrylic tend to be some of the most reflective materials that can make a rather small and often pokey kitchen look larger, brighter and often sunnier. While glass splashbacks are famous for their stunting beauty when lit from behind it so happens that if you don’t want to use a light acrylic makes more sense. Acrylic will brighten up your room and kitchen regardless of its colors. However, if you want something that looks more traditional yet classy then get one made from marble. Marble works especially well for old fashioned kitchens. If you want to give your kitchen a professional television chef style look then fit steel along with the splashbacks.

The location of the splashback

There are some materials that are not ideally suited for being located in places like behind the sink where the dampness will erode the beauty of it. There may also be a risk of erosion near the heat of cookers. That said materials like wood end up bulging out of shape and rotting because of too much water, you’ll also have a problem with acrylic tiles that don’t work very well behind a cooker. So, it is recommended that you don’t place splashbacks that aren’t able to cope with the heat closer than 300mm from the source. However, glass splashbacks and acrylic will work fine behind the sink.

Maintaining these splashbacks

The first thing you should be aware of is the fact that wooden splashbacks require regular oiling. This is to ensure that they continue looking good and are not easily damaged by moisture especially during the winter or if they have been placed behind a sink. However, all other types of splashbacks can be washed using warm or hot water with detergent except for glass which should be cleaned using an ammonia solution. In order to prevent finger prints use a glass cleaner with an anti-static cleaner and lint free cloth. The same type of cloth can be used to clean steel and acrylic. If you have tiles then the grout has to be cleaned on a regular basis in order to prevent them from looking dirty. If you have a steel splashback it will need little maintenance and so this is the most practical material which is one reason why it is a favorite of almost all professional chefs around the world.

What can you expect to pay?

The least expensive option for someone who is on a tight budget are ceramic tiles and then laminate. For people who have a good budget or don’t mind spending extra for quality and durability then specially made marble or composite stone splashbacks are the best option. That said these splashbacks will be every expensive to fix or replace if they are damaged. The least expensive other than ceramic tiles are steel and acrylic. These cost around the same as wooden splashbacks but are lot more durable.

When searching for the right accessories for your kitchen always take into account the surrounding colors and the way lights are placed. The right choice can light up your kitchen while the wrong one will make it look mundane. So, take your time to choose one that works best for you.