This is for everything kitchen related from appliances to cabinets & countertops and even the kitchen sink!

Kitchen Starter Kit

Things you need for your first kitchen

You could be setting up your very first flat or making the transition from life at home to life in the residence halls at uni. No matter the reason, having to buy kitchen items is often a trial-and-error process: you won’t know what you need until you’re in the midst of cooking.

To avoid this catastrophic scenario, stick with a checklist when you go shopping for home goods. While it may not be everything you need to make your favourite dishes, this kitchen starter kit will help you survive the first days of living on your own.

Crafty Kitchen Decor Tips From Four Top Celebrity Chef Kitchens

Looking for some kitchen remodeling ideas? Take a peek into some of today's famous celebrity chefs' kitchens for a bit of inspiration. Whether you're going country or contemporary, these few kitchens are sure to help formulate ideas for crafty kitchen decor.

Different Flooring Options For A Kitchen

Examples of Laminate Flooring

When you're considering renovating your kitchen, there are a number of factors to consider and among one of the biggest, flooring options. Now, you'll have a ton of options to choose from, but before making a decision based merely on appearance, you must also consider your family's habits. You will always appreciate having floors that are durable yet capable of maintaining the great appearance you loved at first sight. Here, we will explore some popular kitchen flooring options.