Special Offers: Dinnerware - Steam Showers - Garage Doors


With Black Friday and Cyber Monday special offers being advertised everywhere I thought it would be a good time to quickly mention some of the special offers that have been sent in to me over the last few weeks.

50% off Dinnerware

Viners sell things like cutlery, cookware, and dinnerware. Their big news is that they currently have a 50% discount on their exclusive range of dinnerware. There are currently four different designs on offer - I prefer the look of their white stoneware option, but you might find one of the other designs more to your taste.

They also have a range of discounts on low cost cutlery and cookware which you can find on their Deals Page.

Delivery Area: Viners deliver throughout the U.K., Ireland, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, and Luxembourg.

10% to 15% off a Steam Showers and Baths

SteamShowers Inc. will be having a Black Friday sale, but from now until Sunday the 23rd of November they're also offering between 10% and 15% discounts on selected baths and steam showers. The best deal I spotted is 15% off the Ariel AmeriSteam ZA219 Steam Shower when you use the code: 15SECRETADD - that's a discount of $493.50.

You might want to get in quick by visiting their Sale Page because some of the more heavily discounted items have already sold out. While writing this I received another email from them - apparently the sale has been going so well that they advise to call them first before placing a new order to ensure availability - the number is (800) 304-3598 and you have to call between 9am - 5pm PST.

If you're not familiar with the steam shower concept, they're basically a modern version of the ancient Roman Steam Baths, and they also work as a traditional shower as well. They come in a self-contained unit to keep the steam from getting out, and they come in a variety of shapes and sizes seating multiple people in the larger models. The following video runs through the installation process:

Delivery Area: SteamShowers Inc. deliver throughout the 48 continental United States as well as Canada.

10% off a Steel Garage Door

Last month I wrote a piece showing that installing a new garage door is one of the very few DIY home improvements that is actually profitable to undertake. Steel Door Depot makes garage doors and they ship them all over the U.S.A. They contacted me to offer a 10% discount to my readers - so here it is, use "sdd10off" when placing an order - this explains how the ordering process works.

Delivery Area: Steel Door Depot delivers throughout the 48 continental United States. You can also save on shipping costs if you're able to pick up from one of their locations in Temple, GA, Houston, TX, Surprise, AZ, Anaheim, CA, Orlando, FL, or Butler, IN.