Save Money During The Holidays With Home Automation

Home automation with old laptop

The winter is almost here, and holiday season is finally upon us. However, with the holidays comes cold weather, Christmas shopping, and a lot of different expenses. It is only natural then that we all try to cut back wherever we can so that we can save some precious pennies throughout those cold winter months.

However, there are actually a lot of places where you might not have realized that you could be saving money. Newer home automation is one of the best ways to save money in the winter. Here is how.

Saving on Utilities

With the cold weather creeping in, we are all getting ready to shut our doors and wait out the winter months in the warmth of our own homes. However, as nice as it might be to cozy up in your toasty living room underneath a warm blanket, all too often we are forced to suffer in drafty, cold homes because the cost to heat them is just too expensive. But did you know that home automation can save you a lot of money on your utility bill each month? All you need is a smart thermostat. There are a lot of different thermostats on the market, from programmable ones that allow you to enter times for the heating to switch on and off, to smart ones that adjust automatically, remember your habits, and even allow you to control them with your iPhone.

Why are smart thermostats saving you money? Think about all of the money that you waste on a regular basis when you pay to heat a house that you are not in. Whether it is when you are out at work or sleeping at night, there are always some times when we step out of the house, and it is unnecessary to be heating an empty house. With a smart thermostat, the heating will turn itself off, but turn it on again and warm up the house before you get home, so you'll never know the difference.


As well as your heating, you can also automate your lighting. If you add motion sensors to your lighting, they will switch the lights off automatically, and you will not have to worry about lighting empty rooms. A fancier system will allow you to control it yourself from a distance, which means that you can alter your lighting from wherever you are, using your iPhone.

Save Your Precious Presents

As the holidays draw nearer, you will be spending money on presents for your family and friends. Imagine the travesty if these presents, along with everything else in your home were consumed by fire, earthquake, tornado, or targeted by a burglar. A good home automation system will give you full security, and protection from intruders, and will also give you alerts to your phone for intrusions, fire, and dangerous smoke or carbon monoxide levels. Home automation can not only save you time and money, but also protect the things that matter most: the people you love.