The financial side of home improvement from improving home value, to saving on costs, to borrowing, and more...

Five Ways To Own A Home For $50,000 Or Less

It's possible to build a house for less than $50,000!

You may have seen it in the news. Home buying numbers in the United States continuing to rise after a shaky recession that turned many potential homeowners into renters. The last U.S. Census data showed home buying is up 17.0% in September 2014 from what it was a year earlier, with over 467,000 new single family residential sales in September of 2014 alone! (U.S. Census Bureau)

Replacing a Door - One of the best Remodels based on ROI

replacement entry doors

If you're a regular reader, then you'll know I've been talking about doors a bit recently - fixing sliding doors and drooling over frameless glass doors, and all this got me to thinking about replacing any of the entry doors to your home - both the front and garage doors - and what kind of Return on Investment (ROI) you can expect from taking on a project like this.

I'm not going to kid you - all the best data suggests that on average there are no remodeling projects that turn an instant profit - in fact any time they immediately increase your resale value by more than 70% of their cost, you're doing well. Of course, this assumes you pay a contractor to do all the work - DIY projects have a much better ROI (except when they go wrong and you have to bring in a contractor to fix it up).

5 Practical Ways to Save on your Energy Bills

Saving energy helps save the environment

With all the new appliances and gadgets that our fast-evolving technology has been spurting out in just the past few years, it’s no wonder why our electric bills have gone up. Finding ways to save on them can not only benefit us, it also benefits our environment. Let’s discuss the ways of minimizing costs on our energy bills.

An Overview of the Different Types of Home Insulation

attic insulation

You would have to have been living under a rock for the last few years not to know that good home insulation can save on your energy bills, but what are the different types of insulation best suited for your home?

The main things you want to consider when deciding which type of insulation to use are:

Good Tips for Having a Garage Sale

tips for garage sale

If your home and garage are getting more and more cluttered, a garage sale, sometimes called a yard sale or a tag sale, depending on where you live, might be the cure for what ails you. Not only will a garage sale enable you to get some of your “treasures” out of your house, but it will also earn you some money, if you’re lucky! Hosting a successful garage sale is about more than simply sticking your stuff in the driveway and hoping for the best, however. Here are some great tips for making your yard sale a success:

Home Remodeling Costs: How to Remodel Your Home without Hurting Your Wallet

A complete guide to a home remodel

I was recently introduced to Eagle Luxury Properties who have put out a free eBook called "A Complete Guide to a Home Remodel" which is designed to help you keep your home remodeling costs under control.

This is one of the better guides I've seen, and I was a pleasantly surprised by the practical and actionable information in this one, so I'll give you a rundown on the topics it covers and I'll show you how to download a free copy for yourself.

Weird Things Covered By Your Homeowners Insurance

If you've looked over your homeowner's insurance policy lately, you were likely doing so to make sure that you were covered for certain types of damage. But did you know that your insurance policy likely covers other items that you may have considered to be unconventional?

Typical homeowner's insurance policies can actually cover everything from beasts to volcanoes. Some homeowners may consider this to be very ironic, especially since a common issue, flooding is usually not covered. Here is a brief look at the strange things your policy may actually help you deal with.

The Pros And Cons Of A Short Sale

Homeowner Short Sale

Back in 2007, when the financial industry collapsed from underneath the American economy, dragging down millions of Americans with it, a lot of people became wary of investing their money. People started to save any extra money they had, going to extra lengths to cut costs and pinch pennies. As people lost their jobs and unemployment spiked, the stock market plummeted as more investors pulled out their money.

Save Money During The Holidays With Home Automation

Home automation with old laptop

The winter is almost here, and holiday season is finally upon us. However, with the holidays comes cold weather, Christmas shopping, and a lot of different expenses. It is only natural then that we all try to cut back wherever we can so that we can save some precious pennies throughout those cold winter months.

5 Top Ways To Reduce Landlord Costs

Ways To Reduce Landlord Costs

Being a landlord can be very profitable, earning a rental income every month; however, it can also be costly with lots of unexpected expenses eating away at your profit. That’s why we’ve put together the best ways you can reduce your landlord costs, in order for you to be able to take home as much rental income as possible.