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Here we have interesting articles about all kinds of rooms in the home including living rooms, spare rooms, guest rooms, game rooms, basements and we go all the way up to lofts, as well as home offices in between.

Solar Attic Fans Versus Electrical Attic Fans

Solar vs Electric Attic Fans

Now that summer is here, have you visited your attic lately?

What? You say it’s too hot up there?

Excess heat in your attic is actually an excellent reason to venture up the attic steps. That is, in order to install an attic fan, or Power Attic Ventilator (PAV).

How to Convert Your Loft into a Home Office

Although the government argues that the economic crisis is over, for most ordinary hardworking people it may not feel to be. If you run a small business, you might think about running it out of your home instead of a leased office. This will allow you keep a little bit of extra money in the bank. If your home doesn’t have a spare room or study, you could consider converting your loft into a suitable space.

Two Great Reasons to Insulate Your Attic

Two Great Reasons to Insulate Your Attic

Some homeowners don't pay that much attention to the insulation in their attic, or lack thereof, because of several (wrong) reasons.

First of all, the uninformed homeowner believes that the insulation that was installed when the house was first built should last as long as the house. Next, they don't consider lack of insulation or poor energy efficiency as a problem. Finally, since attic insulation isn't that visible, most homeowners never have even given it any thought.

DIY: Setting up a Home Office

According to the 2014 Cost vs. Value Report fitting your house with a home office offers a return of investment of around 48%. While this percentage may pale in comparison to adding a deck (87%) or converting an attic into a bedroom (85%) there are a few reasons a home office could be even more lucrative.

2 Quick Tips for Getting More From Your Lounge/Living Room

coffee tables

There are basically two types of people in the world - those whose most important room in the house is their kitchen and those who favor the living room - there are also the bedroom fanatics, but they never get anything done so the less said about them the better:)

Designing a Lounge Room That Works For You

Designing a Lounge

So you've moved into your new home and are anxious to get to grips with creating your perfect living space. Where do you begin? Apart from the kitchen, the lounge is where you’ll probably spend the most time, so it needs to be right for you.

Better Attic Storage Ideas

Attic Storage Ideas

Attics are ideal for storing a variety of items you only use from time to time, but in order for it to be a functional storage solution for your home, rather than a dumping ground where things have a nasty habit of ‘disappearing’, it's time for some better attic storage ideas to keep everything tidy and organized up there.

Hazards To Look Out For When Heading Up To An Unconverted Loft

An Unconverted Loft

There’s a massive trend for home improvement projects right now, with a loft conversion topping the charts for the best return on investment. That means that not only do you get a lot more space in your home, but that also, the money you spend on making those improvements will pay for itself over a few short years. What’s more, the overall value of your house will increase the most in comparison to any other home improvement. However, before you can even consider starting improvement work on your loft, you’ll need to head up there and take a good look around.

Fixing A Leaky Basement

Leaky basement floor

Home maintenance is one of the most essential aspects of ensuring that your house is ready to brave the various problems that changing weathers will throw at it. Knowing how to accomplish many easier maintenance jobs on your own will help save a lot of money as compared to giving the job to a private contractor.

Home Soundproofing Tips For Musicians

soundproofing a music room

Here are some handy DIY soundproofing tips that every musician should know about. Start by reading this article, then watch the videos below for demonstrations on how this is done.

If your neighbours have stopped speaking to you since you bought your new drum kit or trumpet and your family and friends are at their wit’s end then it may be time to think about soundproofing your music room.