How To Build Garage Shelves Without Breaking The Bank

DIY Garage Shelves

Garage shelving is a great way to make your space go further and keep your belongings in order. As the garage is often a storage space for everything from your car to your garden equipment, it’s wise to make the most of the area and avoid it turning into a dumping ground.

Here, we take a look at how to build your own garage shelves without breaking the bank.

Use Reclaimed Materials

The raw materials are what will incur the most expense, so be creative and don’t buy straight from your local DIY store. You can pick up wood from a supplier for next to nothing, and then it’s just a case of cutting it down to the right size. If you’re on a really tight budget, you might want to even find old pieces of furniture in your home that you no longer use to cut up and recycle.

Use Paint to Create an Attractive Finish

Wood that’s already finished with glosses can be pricy, but they’re not necessary. It’s easy to create an attractive finish using a cheap tin of paint. Whether you want to go for a bold block colour, a pretty pastel, or just a clear varnish, you can do it yourself at home on a shoestring. If you’re really feeling artistic, you could even create a distressed look by using sandpaper. The only limit is your imagination.

Consider Several Different Storage Options

Shelves are the usual go-to choice when it comes to storage for garages, but it’s not your only option. Large bins can be great for storing odds and ends, and they have the added bonus of being easily moved should you buy a bigger car or need to store a large object in your garage for a while. They’re also usually much cheaper than buying shelves, so could be used in addition to a small shelved area.

Add Value to Your Home by Converting Your Garage

Even if you’re just thinking about adding garage shelves as a small project, it’s worth considering how a few extra changes could add value to your home when the time comes that you want to move on. If you could rehome your lawnmower in the shed, for example, you may find that your garage doubles up as an office or an extra room in your house. Click here to find out more about how Realistic UK could help with your conversion.

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