Cobwebs And Clutter: Some Inventive Ideas For Converting Your Garage

Garage conversion

For a large proportion of us, our garage is a place we go when we want to fall over stacked up bikes and find large spiders instead of the tool we are looking for. It seems to be a place for getting lost in dunes of dust, clutter and mess more often than a place for housing the car. Traditionally, garages have found secondary uses other than being rooms purely for the testing of inadequate stacking techniques. Dads have set up workbenches, amassing and arranging tools for whatever contingency to create themselves a workshop, and whilst instrumental music no longer dominates the sphere of the DIY musician, you still find many a garage full-to-bursting of instruments and sweaty teenagers making noise.

It doesn't have to be this way though. Over the years there has been an uprising of home owners who have sought to pull themselves up from beneath the entangled mess of bikes and rusty, half fallen shelf-stacks, take a stand and get creative. They have a clear-out, install hooks to hang the bikes from, and make the most of the space. So what interesting ideas are there for garage conversions for your home?

Games Room Deluxe

Who hasn't dreamed of having a pool table in their garage, along with a dart board or perhaps a poker table? Well, loads of people probably, but the ones that do long for it tend to really long for it. Get some insulation fitted, get some decent flooring down and paint the walls, and you could have your very own games room hangout in your house. You might have to take some awkwardly angled cue shots depending on the amount of space you have, but it will surely beat the pound-a-pop tables you have to queue for (pun most definitely intended) down at your local and you can play whenever you have friends over without leaving the house. Some tables these days even come with an option to flip the table to reveal a ping pong table underneath. One creative skating enthusiast in Kansas has even installed a mini half-pipe in his garage. Others have installed mini home cinemas. It’s all about maximizing your fun using the space you've got.

The Most Local of Local Boozers

For many, going out to a bar or pub is a chance to get out of the house. For those whose friends live nearby and who are happy to host, converting their garage into their very own bar is a dream come true. You can select your own beers and stock your drinks of choice, play the music you want to hear, smoke inside if you like, and avoid paying through the teeth for a pint. You can even set your own time for last orders, although getting your mates to leave might be the tallest order you have to deal with. Just get some taps fitted, have some moling done to install the pipes, perhaps install a trap door for ejection hour and it is party time!

Feeling Flush?

Why not install an extra toilet? No longer will you have to wait outside the bathroom door jumping up and down, considering the garden as a possible option while your housemates doll themselves up for hours before leaving the house. Just visit your new bathroom and while you’re at it, partition the wall and make a utility room complete with washer, dryer and sink. All that's needed is a touch of moling to install some pipes and hey presto – a handy addition to your home that you'll be guaranteed to use regularly and that'll remove noise from the main house whilst preventing bladders busting all round, or complaints from the neighbours overlooking your garden!

So why not brush those cobwebs away, and get planning today?

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