What Home Upgrades Will Increase Home Security And Comfort At The Same Time?

What Home Upgrades Will Increase Home Security And Comfort At The Same Time?

When you think about making home improvements, you may initially think about ways to make your home look better and improve its value at the same time. However, you should also consider practical improvements. Some improvements may help you to increase home security, which can give you more peace of mind when you are relaxing inside your home with loved ones. Many of these same upgrades can help you to feel more comfortable at home as well. If you are looking for some great home improvement ideas, these should be at the top of your list:

Install Stronger Doors

There are many types of materials that can be used for doors. Some types of door materials, such as steel, may be more difficult for burglars to get through. Steel doors also can improve your comfort level indoors by helping your HVAC system function more efficiently due to their insulating benefits.

Improve Your Door Locks

Likewise, you may consider upgrading the hardware on your doors. Think about investing in a state-of-the-art door lock that have keyless entry. These are more difficult for burglars to access, and you will not have to worry about others getting access to your keys. In addition, they make it easier for you to get in the door because you will not need to fumble with keys or worry about losing them.

Upgrade Your Windows

Upgrading your windows is a great project that has many benefits. Gilkey Windows offer better insulation and strong frames. These can improve temperature control and reduce glare in your home. They can also be more difficult for burglars to shatter or even to see into. Bear in mind that burglars typically want to see inside a home before breaking in. They want to see what items you have that they want, and they may look for signs of a dog, people in the home or a security alarm. When you impede their ability to look into the home, you will be improving security.

Update Your Window Treatments

Just as your windows can improve your comfort level through energy efficiency and light control, the same holds true for window treatments. Consider upgrading to window treatments that have superior privacy, and keep your blinds and drapes closed when you are not home and during the nighttime hours.

Dress Up Your Flower Beds

You may not think that landscaping has much to do with home security or comfort, but this is not the case. Windows and doors alike should not be covered by tall bushes because this gives criminals a place to hide while they are breaking into your home. Update your flower beds with smaller bushes and flowers, and remove tall bushes. This also will allow more natural light into your home during the day, which can improve ambiance.

Light Up Your Yard and Entryways

Another step that you can take is to install motion-activated lights in your yard as well as near your garage and front and rear entryways. When intruders walk onto your property, the yard will light up and likely scare them away. In addition, when you venture outdoors at night or when you arrive home at night, you will love having the lights turn on for improved visibility.

Making home improvements from time to time is a smart idea. These are thoughtful ways that you can improve your home security as well as your comfort level at home. And if you'd like to know more about financing options for the work, check out Bankrate.com’s Home Improvement Loans.

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