9 Must Have Tools For Every Home

Tool kit for the home

Do you have a hammer? Or, are you like me, and do you use the back of a screwdriver as your hammer? Do you own a set of pliers? Or do you summon the strength of ten Greek gods when trying to pull a nail out of a stud in your wall?

It's incredibly important to have certain tools around your home. Here at nine tools every homeowner needs to own:

1. Hammer

Because the back of a screwdriver won't cut it for when you need to pull a nail out of the wall. Speaking from experience, a screwdriver acting as a hammer does a great job of stubbing your fingers as well.

2. Screwdriver

Say it with me: "A screwdriver is your friend." Don't believe me? Think about those sunglasses that keep falling off your face. If you had a small flat head screwdriver, you could easily tighten those right up. Coincidentally, there are tons of things around your home that will always need tightening. That shelf you just bought to decorate your living room? I guarantee you that you will need a screwdriver to put it together.

3. Tape measure

Sure, there might be an app for that. But it might take a long time to measure the exact distance you need to hang your TV up on the wall when you have a smartphone that is about five inches long. Tape measures will help you buy the right sized things ranging from curtains to shelves. This eliminates the annoying habit of buying the wrong sized decorations and having to go all the way back to the store to return it.

4. Power drill

Whether it's a mini power drill or the mother of power drills, it's important to have a cordless one. This tool comes in handy for all kinds of situations. You must have a power drill inside your home.

5. Ladder

A ladder is more necessary than you think. Sure, you have fold out chairs that you can stand on to fix that beeping smoke detector that needs its battery changed. But a ladder is much more effective, not to mention it's much safer!

6. Pliers

These are particularly handy in situations like if you get a nail stuck in your wall and a hammer won't cut it. These are also helpful in situations when you need a tight gripe or you need to adjust something around your home. Pliers are like an extra pair of strong hands. Go buy some!

7. Level

Just because you think that picture on your wall is straight, doesn't mean that it is. There's actually a level app for your smartphone. This handy little tool helps you hang pictures that won't look crooked or just a tad off-centered.

8. Adjustable wrench

This tool is similar to the pliers but it is a bit stronger. It is particularly helpful when you need to fix pipes around your home. Trust me, there will come a time when you need to fix those pesky pipes around your household.

9. Stud finder

Like the level, this also has a handy little app for your smartphone. It's important to find all the studs in your wall when you are about to hang a picture up. Don't be like me and free hand it. You will end up with a hole in your wall.